Kaspersky Internet Security Antivirus Review

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Kaspersky has been providing network security and anti-virus solutions to home PC owners and multinational corporations from the past 20 years. Their security solutions are customized for PCs and mobile gadgets and provide a seamless way for users to securely perform sensitive digital tasks. Kaspersky makes products both for Businesses as well as for Personal use. Kaspersky’s Business products are customized for enterprises of different sizes that are specially made to prevent frauds, theft, and to provide high security for companies to function smoothly.

Kaspersky Internet Security is made for home internet users to protect them from online frauds, thefts, hacks, and other forms of cybercrime. It’s a very useful cyber security solution for personal home use, especially if you have teenagers or children who regularly browse the Internet since they’re more at risk to succumb to the dangers of the Internet.

This is a review of Kaspersky Internet Security/Antivirus 2017 that highlights its notable features while gauging the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing Kaspersky 2017 for your home:


  • The newest feature in Kaspersky Internet Security Antivirus is the Software Cleaner function that weeds out unnecessary software occupying space in your computer. It also notifies you of outdated programs that you can remove to reclaim disk space.
  • A VPN service is added to Kaspersky’s latest security suite that allows 200 MB of data every day. If you purchase an unlimited plan for $25 for a year, you will get 20 worldwide connection locations spanning from Canada to the Czech Republic.
  • Other features of Kaspersky Internet Security and Antivirus like Safe Money, Malware Protection, Parental Controls are strengthened and enhanced in the latest version.



  • Kaspersky Internet Security/Antivirus does not impair system resource usage since you can surf the web or download files even when the software is performing a full security scan in the background.
  • Although it contains a Spam Filter, its turned off by default and you can choose to start it by increasing the security slider between low and high.


  • The VPN can’t be kept on all day due to its 200 MB encrypted data restriction. All VPN traffic is routed via a UK-based server and this does not allow you to access region-restricted sites.
  • Kaspersky is not equipped to protect you from the dreaded Ransomware attack.

Kaspersky Internet Security/Antivirus is popular for its strong real-time protection against Malware and other threats from the cyberspace. The Antivirus Program is fast and provides 100% security, making it the best product for home and personal use. There are hardly any negative features of the software except for some minor discrepancies as mentioned above. It also has Anti-Phishing which is highly recommended nowadays when cyber criminals are waiting to get your bank details from you by any means possible. Overall, the latest Kaspersky Suite is a great product that’s worth buying and quite reasonable for its powerful features. A security program like Kaspersky is indispensable for home PCs as well as Businesses since cyber crime has doubled in just a few years with more sinister strategies employed to cause harm to users.

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